CBC Old Boy Dumi Rejoins The College

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Old Boy, Dumezweni “Naz” Dube, is best remembered at CBC as a basketball and triple jump star. But he’s remembered beyond the school too where he has made a name for himself nationally by being selected for five years running for the Zim Athletics team. Now Dumi is back at the school coaching our athletics team and giving back to the school which launched his athletics career.

Media Club member, Seth van Beek, caught up with the charismatic sportsman in the Resource Centre.

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The Academic Excellence Awards

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Seasoned CBC Media Club member, Nicholas Trivella (Form Four) gives his account of the Academic Excellence Awards held on January 28. With photographs by Media Club members Zack Maidwell, David Waters, Ben Evans, Seth van Beek, Keletso Moyo, Zibusiso Ncube Ethan Palermo.

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Waterpolo Heroes!

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In this candid interview First Team Waterpolo players, Jarryd Brown (captain) and Ryan Mitchell, speak to CBC Media Club’s Ben Evans about the team’s historic win on Sunday as well as what it takes to make a good waterpolo player.

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CBC swimmer wins US scholarship

Hello everyone, a very happy new year to you all, we have a lot planned for the coming year, and hope you will enjoy it as much as we expect to. More information will be posted on a later date, but for now we bring you an article by one of our junior members, Zibusiso Ncube

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Intervew: Bakani Ncube


Good Morning Mr. Bakani Ncube, I am Ben Evans of the CBC Media Club and these are my camera men Zibusiso Ncube and Keletso Moyo.

Bakani: Good Morning.
Ben: What made you come to CBC and how did you feel when you got a place?
Bakani: I came to CBC because it has a holy education and I’m a Catholic. I learnt at St Thomas so it made sense to come to C.B.C. as it was the only Catholic High School.
Ben: What Class were you placed in when you first arrived?
Bakani: I started in 1.3 then in second term moved to 1.1.
Ben: What was your favorite subject and teacher?

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Interview: Mr. Dale Van Aarde


This is the first in the CBC Media Club’s series on school leavers, where Upper Sixes will be interviewed in order to capture their experience and which will hopefully inspire the juniors. The Media Club got the idea when Mrs Mathe said she would be asking leavers to speak at assembly. The Media Club will be interviewing more seniors/leavers as time goes on.

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Article: CBC 2014 Interhouse Swimming Gala on the 8th of October

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Yesterday’s gala was an exiting day for every one from Form 1 up to Upper 6, it was every house for itself.

There were 47 different races between the different houses; some were relays and some individual races; there were many different swimmers, with different ambitions, and in the end, only a few could be among the winners. It was hot and watching the swimmers made most of us want to dive into the cool turquoise water.

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