2015 Form One Camp a Resounding Success.

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The CBC Form One Camp ended at 5pm this evening and after a full two days of team building sports and activities – including a 1AM impromptu war cry practice and a pre-dawn run – the only complaint was that it was ending too soon.

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Disabled Benefit From Riding Lessons

The CBC Media Club aims to go beyond reporting on school events to cover issues within the community as a whole. A perfect example is this report by Form One club member, Stavros Kehayias, who attended a session of disabled riding at the Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre last Thursday and filed this report. Story and photographs by Stavros.

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Every Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon a group of volunteers go out to the Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre to help with something called Therapeutic Riding. Therapeutic Riding offers horse riding lessons to disabled children and it helps them a lot with little things like sitting up straight and muscle development because some of them have no muscle tone in their backs , legs and arms. These children need help with basic things like drinking water and eating food.

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