First Team Soccer: Eagles Fly High

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In an exciting and climactic clash, the CBC Eagles went up against Masiye’s First Team to finish on a score of 3-2.

In their first match of the Imbizo District Schools League, the Eagles pulled through against Masiye’s strong and determined team.

Although Masiye drew first blood, scoring in the first ten minutes, the Eagles responded with determination, ending the first half 1-1.

CBC scored first in the second half, and Thamsanqa Dube of Masiye, a former Eagle, leveled the score with a powerful shot, bringing the score to 2-2. Finally, with only a few minutes remaining, the Eagles’ Joel Mombeshora scored the winning goal, securing CBC’s victory.

Said Mdumise Moyo, the Eagles’ Captain: “It was a difficult match but, thanks to our training and teamwork, we were able to win. Particularly notable were newcomers to the team which included several younger students as well as Jarryd Brown, who scored two of the goals.”

Said Jarryd: “It was a brilliant match! A lot of hard work and a lot of training goes into attaining a result like this. After my first goal I was ecstatic and I tried as hard as I could to get the second.

“Overall we did this as a team and that’s what counts. I’m looking forward to next weekend’s match, hopefully I can pull off a hat trick next time!” said Jarryd.