First Team Soccer: Eagles Fly High

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In an exciting and climactic clash, the CBC Eagles went up against Masiye’s First Team to finish on a score of 3-2.

In their first match of the Imbizo District Schools League, the Eagles pulled through against Masiye’s strong and determined team.

Although Masiye drew first blood, scoring in the first ten minutes, the Eagles responded with determination, ending the first half 1-1.

CBC scored first in the second half, and Thamsanqa Dube of Masiye, a former Eagle, leveled the score with a powerful shot, bringing the score to 2-2. Finally, with only a few minutes remaining, the Eagles’ Joel Mombeshora scored the winning goal, securing CBC’s victory.

Said Mdumise Moyo, the Eagles’ Captain: “It was a difficult match but, thanks to our training and teamwork, we were able to win. Particularly notable were newcomers to the team which included several younger students as well as Jarryd Brown, who scored two of the goals.”

Said Jarryd: “It was a brilliant match! A lot of hard work and a lot of training goes into attaining a result like this. After my first goal I was ecstatic and I tried as hard as I could to get the second.

“Overall we did this as a team and that’s what counts. I’m looking forward to next weekend’s match, hopefully I can pull off a hat trick next time!” said Jarryd.


Gallery: St Patricks Day Cross Country 2015

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Tuesday was St Patrick’s Day and CBC celebrated its patron saint in the usual tradition, with a Mass led by Father Charles, followed by the annual Cross Country Competition.
It was a strenuous run on what turned out to be a very hot day but, by the end, there were smiles all-round, for the trophy winners as well as those who just managed to finish – and, of course, for all the other CBC boys too who, thanks to St Patrick, earned the right to go home early.

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Gallery: Davidians House Dominate in Inter-House Standards


Davidians House continued their dominance in the athletics field yesterday, in winning the Inter-House Standards.

The standards event is a fore-runner to the bigger Inter-House competitions to be held on Saturday as well as a warm up session for the athletics team which will be competing at Inter District level competitions to be held at White City stadium on Thursday and Friday.

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Cobras dedicate historic win to Zeelie

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The CBC Cobras went completely undefeated to take the Petra T20 Tournament for the first time since its inauguration…dedicating the historic win to injured fellow student, Robert Zeelie.

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Disabled Benefit From Riding Lessons

The CBC Media Club aims to go beyond reporting on school events to cover issues within the community as a whole. A perfect example is this report by Form One club member, Stavros Kehayias, who attended a session of disabled riding at the Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre last Thursday and filed this report. Story and photographs by Stavros.

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Every Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon a group of volunteers go out to the Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre to help with something called Therapeutic Riding. Therapeutic Riding offers horse riding lessons to disabled children and it helps them a lot with little things like sitting up straight and muscle development because some of them have no muscle tone in their backs , legs and arms. These children need help with basic things like drinking water and eating food.

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Community Comes Together to Support Robert Zeelie

We are sure by now you have heard about the tragic accident and circumstances of Robert Zeelie, of Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo. We are appealing to you for financial assistance to enable us to continue to offer Robert the best possible medical care we can.

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‘The Night’s Beauty’ by Kishan Parekh

“The Night’s Beauty”
20 second exposure of the night sky above Bulawayo , ISO 400, F-stop 3.5, Camera in manual mode using a remote shutter, taken on 26th Jan 2015 Photograph by Media Club Member Kishan Parekh

CBC Media Club has joined Instagram! Find us over at @cbc_media_club. In addition to that, we’ve also joined Twitter on @cbcbyo . Starting today the blog will be hosting pictures taken by the boys during their free time for the Media Club, so expect to see many more pictures by our members!

Young Leaders 2014 Report



IMG_8900 yleaders
Top Row: Jimmy Dixon, Tristan Knight Mkhokheli Nkomo, Mthabisi Dube, Mehul Patel, Alvim Simango, Mayur Bhakta, Willis Mpofu
Middle Row: Kishan Parekh, Joshua Prior, Lungile Moyo, Mehluli Ncube, Deelan Ranchod, Mbongeni Dube, Tanaka Mombeyarara, Ayanda Khumalo
Bottom Row: Ralph Magosvongwe, Tafadzwa Baye, Bokani Dube, Mathamsanqa Moyo, Mrs Davies, Banele Tshuma, Matthew Mchina, Bersal Williams, Adrian Ncube


In the year 2014 the Young Leaders board had an ongoing project, started the previous year and due for completion in the August of 2014. The project was devised with the aid of Lead Us Today (LUT) mentors, and the Young Leaders 2014 board planned out the details with the aid of the LUT. The project, designed to facilitate the self sufficient raising of money for Khami Prison, while providing clothing and useful skills for prisoners, was ultimately unsuccessful, in part due to a communication and cooperation problem between the 2014 Board and the LUT, which led to the Young Leaders Club and the LUT parting ways near the end of the year.

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The Academic Excellence Awards

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Seasoned CBC Media Club member, Nicholas Trivella (Form Four) gives his account of the Academic Excellence Awards held on January 28. With photographs by Media Club members Zack Maidwell, David Waters, Ben Evans, Seth van Beek, Keletso Moyo, Zibusiso Ncube Ethan Palermo.

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