CBC Old Boy Dumi Rejoins The College

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Old Boy, Dumezweni “Naz” Dube, is best remembered at CBC as a basketball and triple jump star. But he’s remembered beyond the school too where he has made a name for himself nationally by being selected for five years running for the Zim Athletics team. Now Dumi is back at the school coaching our athletics team and giving back to the school which launched his athletics career.

Media Club member, Seth van Beek, caught up with the charismatic sportsman in the Resource Centre.

Hello my name is Seth Van Beek of the CBC Media Club; my colleagues here with me today are Ben Evans, Keletso Moyo, Zibusiso Ncube and Takudzwa Nyabadza.

Today we are talking to Dumezweni Dube who has been chosen for the Zimbabwe Athletics Team five years in a row.

Seth: Hello Mr. Dube
Mr. Dube: Hello Seth
Seth: What made you interested in athletics?
Mr. Dube: Athletics was something we were forced to do as kids but it is also a passion I had when I was young
Seth: What do you accredit for this wonderful achievement?
Mr. Dube: I started doing athletics in earnest at CBC where I started winning a number of trophies. This led to me being selected for the U20 AU Africa Championship in Botswana where I was spotted by one of the national coaches
Seth: How many school, district and international records have you broken?
Mr. Dube: The only school record I have broken is the triple jump record which is 13.91m…and which I’m proud to say, still stands today
Seth: What was your greatest achievement?
Mr. Dube: Being chosen to go to the United States of America to compete in PA Sylvania projects
Seth: What would you like to achieve in the future?
Mr. Dube: I would like to become a professional athlete and to continue to become one of the best athletes in the world. My greatest ambition of all is to qualify for the Olympics which will be in Rio Brazil next year
Seth: Who or what inspired you to become what you are today?
Mr. Dube: I have been supported by many people, one of those people is my mom who was always behind me supporting me in what I loved to do. Other who have supported me have been the CBC Staff, especially the late Mr. Thomson, who was always there for me whenever I needed help as well as Mrs. Davies, Mr. Sibindi, Mr. Muhomba, and Mrs. Stirling who have always inspired me in my sporting career

Interviewer: Seth Van Beek
Cameramen: Ben Evans, Takudzwa Nyabadza, Zibusiso Ncube and Keletso Moyo


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