CBC Media Club Taking Photography to the Next Level

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The CBC Media Club last week held a meeting at which we were addressed by Mr. Nigel Westwood of the Mashonaland Photographic Society.

Mr Westwood explained to us the new format of the Mashonaland Photographic Society competition which can now be accessed online, making it easier and more user-friendly. In addition he showed us a few of the photographs entered in the different categories of the competition between January and March of this year.

He showed us how they judged the photographs and what they were looking for or expecting in the photographs. Basically each photograph is judged in ten categories including composition, focus and the ‘wow’ factor, among other criteria.

Mr Westwood also told us how keen Mashonaland Photographic Society was for our school to join as this would be a great way in which to improve our photography skills, and many of the boys who attended the meeting were very interested in joining.

We learnt a bit about how to take better pictures at different angles and how to broaden our imagination. We also learnt from Mr Westwood that we should try and use our cameras on manual mode and not automatic as this would further enhance our photography skills.

We learnt a lot from him and are really looking forward to becoming more actively involved with photography through the MPS and other avenues.

Photographs by Muziwethu Ndlovu, Form Two
By Takudzwa Nyabadza and Keletso Moyo of the CBC Media Club


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