CBC Andreans Win Interhouse Atheletics for the First Time in 11 Years


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Andreans have won the CBC Inter-House Athletics for the first time in 11 years, and with two of its athletes notching up the only records of the day, there was plenty of cause for celebration for the boys in blue.

The house dominated both track and field events, with Andreans athletes, A. Manyathela and K. Cherayi, both breaking records, in the Opens 110m hurdles and the U14 200m respectively.

An elated House Master, Mr G Nare, said motivation, team work and a sense of ownership had won the day.

“The boys were made to believe that they could do it, that success was in their hands, and that’s exactly what they did,”

-Mr Nare, Andreans Housemaster.

He thanked the house teachers, house captain, Tafadzwa Baye, monitors and all the Andrean boys for today’s success.

The final point standings were as follows:

Andreans     419
Georgians    373
Davidians     340
Patricians     256




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