Awards Recognise Academic Excellence at CBC

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Christian Brothers’ College held its annual Academic Excellence Awards today, shining the spotlight on academic achievers in a year which saw pass rates, at almost every examination level, either consistent with last year or slightly higher.

“In all, the examination results are a powerful vindication of the ethos, practice and permanence of our Edmundian Commitment and an encouraging call to the improvement and rededication that a New Year brings.”

– Mr K. Muhomba, Acting Headmaster

At IGCSE O Level the pass rate was up by 4% to 75 percent, with 4.1 recording 100% pass rates; at AS Level pass rates remained the same as last year at 95%; and at A Level, they were once again consistent with last year at 97%.

Worth noting were 100% pass rates in a number of subjects at AS and A Level, including, at AS Level, Art and Design, Business Studies, D & T, Literature in English and PE and, at A Level, Accounting, Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, D & T, Economics and Literature. There was no subject at A Level which recorded a pass rate below 85%.

Said Acting Headmaster, Mr K. Muhomba, before handing out academic colours to outstanding candidates at O, AS and A Level: “Excellence is the hallmark of our standards here at CBC and, as such, we gather this morning to give recognition to the boys who have attained this standard. Having said that, however, let me hasten to say well done to the boys who did their best in last year’s public exams but who may not be receiving an award this morning.”

The highest achievement at IGCSE this year was Anele Ngwenya who attained 10 As, of which five were As, followed by Michael D’Souza who attained nine As, of which six were As. Ronak Desai also distinguished himself with eight As of which five were A*s.

Some of the outstanding results at IGCSE are as follows:

  • Anele Ngwenya               5A* 5A
  • Michael D’Souza             6A* 3A
  • Ronak Desai                     5A* 3A
  • Willis Mpofu                     4A* 4A
  • Tanaka Marape               1A* 7A
  • Joses Gumede                 1A* 6A
  • Mkhokheli Nkomo         1A* 6A
  • Tanaka Mombeyarara   4A* 2A
  • Tapiwa Marapara           1A* 5A
  • Tinotenda Warima         1A* 5A
  • Michael Lupepe              1A* 4A
  • Ahmed Elsayary              6A
  • Taboka Nyadza               6A
  • Charisma Masvina         5A
  • Nabeel Petkar                 5A

At AS Level, the Media Club’s own Kishan Parekh distinguished himself with 5As at AS in the sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Computing.

Some of the outstanding results at AS Level are as follows:

  •  Kishan Parekh               5A (Re-award)
  • Bokani Dube                   4A 1B (Re-award)
  • Tafadzwa Baye               3A 1B 1D (Re-award)
  • Mbongeni Dube            3A 1B (Re-award)
  • Sizo Ncube                      3A 1C (Re-award)
  • Mcupi Ndebele               2A 1B 1C


Some of the outstanding A Level results from 2014 leavers are as follows:

  • Matthew Mchina             1A* 2A 1B
  • Bakani Ncube                   2A 2B
  • Emil Kee-Tui                      2A* 1A
  • Damian Sikosana            2A* 1B
  • Andresious Cyprianos   2A 1B
  • Tanaka Fusire                  2A 1B
  • Blessing Mpala                2A 1B 1C

In addition Mr Muhomba paid tribute to the staff body, saying: “This staff is outstanding and must be fully supported by the combined forces of parents, pupils, administrators, Board and SDC.”


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