Waterpolo Heroes!

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In this candid interview First Team Waterpolo players, Jarryd Brown (captain) and Ryan Mitchell, speak to CBC Media Club’s Ben Evans about the team’s historic win on Sunday as well as what it takes to make a good waterpolo player.

We are here today with Mr Jarryd Brown, the captain of the C.B.C. First Team Waterpolo and Mr Ryan Mitchell. My name is Ben Evans from the C.B.C. Media Club my colleagues are Keletso Moyo and Zibusiso Nucbe and the Form Ones with me today are the next interviewers for C.B.C.

Ben: When did you start attending school at C.BC. and before then which school did you attend?
Mr. Brown: I came to C.B.C. in Form Two of 2011 after doing my first year of high school in South Africa.
Ben: Which sports do you play?
Mr Brown: I’m in the First Team rugby, waterpolo, athletics and swimming.
Ben: Which one is your favourite?
Mr Brown: I would definitely say waterpolo.
Ben: I have heard that you are also a good soccer player and during the holidays you play soccer in Botswana. Do you want to tell us about this?
Mr Brown: That is very true. I love soccer and have always wanted an opportunity to prove myself here at C.B.C. but it has been difficult due to rugby commitments.
Ben: You are captain of First team Waterpolo which made history at Falcon last week by winning the Arthur Gower Trophy for the first time in 12 years. How did you manage to do this?
Mr. Brown: Through hard work, hard training and commitment. We had at least two weeks of training, prior to the tournament, every day from 5 pm to 7:15 pm. We had to play as a team and do everything right.
Ben: How did you and the whole team feel when you were announced winners of the memorial trophy?
Mr Brown: We were ecstatic. It was an amazing feeling. We were just so proud to be C.B.C. boys and grateful that our hard work had paid off.
Ben: You are going to Pretoria for the Inter C.B.C. Tournament over Exeat, can the C.B.C. community and the rest of the supporters expect such first class performance as you displayed at Falcon?
Mr. Brown: We will try our best to fly the College’s banner high.
Ben: What words of advice do you have for other C.B.C. boys who are inspired by your team’s success?
Mr. Brown: Work as hard as you can. Never lose faith and listen to your coach and your teammates.
Ben: Thank you, Mr Brown. Now before we move over to Mr Mitchell, is there anything else you would like to add?
Mr Brown: Yes, first and foremost, on behalf of First Team Waterpolo, I would like to thank God who has given us great success this year, then our coach Mr Jardine for all his efforts and for molding us into first class waterpolo players and our team manager, Mr D. Khumalo, for all the arrangements, organization and advice which made us believe in ourselves. I would also like to thank our waterpolo parents who are always there to support us even during our toughest matches, always cheering us on, both within and outside the country. Lastly I would like to thank my parents for believing in me and supporting me even in tough times and always encouraging me to aim higher.

Ben: And now Over to you, Mr Mitchell. Please tell us the sports that you play and which is your favourite?
Mr Mitchell: I play First Team hockey, waterpolo and swimming.
Ben: It seems you come from a family of waterpolo players; your two brothers are also very good at the sport, is it a natural talent that runs in the family?
Mr Mitchell: I guess so, we all practice together, but it is mainly because of the encouragement and support we receive from our parents.
Ben: When did you start playing for the Sharks and how were you selected?
Mr Mitchell: My first match for the Sharks was when I was in Form Three. A couple of us U17s played in the trials, I played very well and I was selected.
Ben: C.B.C. swimming and waterpolo teams ,which you are part of, recently both made history winning national trophies. Does it mean C.B.C. is strong in water sports? If not, what would you attribute the successes to?
Mr Mitchell: We have a lot of talent in the teams but we also get a lot help from the committed coaches such as Mrs Stirling. We all work hard to produce results.
Ben: Mr Mitchell, I would like to congratulate you, Robert Zeelie, Tim Smith and Mr Bersal Williams for making Zim at the Aurthur Gower Tournament. How did you feel when you heard that you were selected?
Mr Mitchell: I have made Zim every year that I have been here at C.B.C. but I was extremely happy to make it again this year. It’s good to play for Zim because you get more experience from playing international matches.
Ben: The junior waterpolo players and other C.B.C. boys would like to know the secret to making you a good sportsman. Would you mind sharing them?
Mr Mitchell: It is all about what you put in, push yourself to do better always and exhibit dedication and discipline.
Ben: Thank you, Mr Mitchell, and good luck.

Interviewer: Ben Evans
Cameramen: Zibusiso Ncube and Keletso Moyo


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