CBC swimmer wins US scholarship

Hello everyone, a very happy new year to you all, we have a lot planned for the coming year, and hope you will enjoy it as much as we expect to. More information will be posted on a later date, but for now we bring you an article by one of our junior members, Zibusiso Ncube


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This week we say goodbye to our very own Andresious Cyprianos here at CBC as he leaves for New York on a swimming scholarship.

Andresious was both an outstanding student and sportsman at CBC. In Form 4 two of his dreams came true: the first was he became a prefect and the second was he played first team in all his sporting disciplines, including soccer, cricket and swimming. In Upper 6 he was Deputy Head Boy and, during an interview with the Media Club last year, he told us that he had his plans set out from Form 1.

Andresious’ first love has always been swimming and last year, as captain, he led our swimming team to victory in the nationals…for the first time in history.

He broke many school records in his swimming career but one of his great achievements in his last year at CBC was being chosen to compete in the Africa Youth Games held here in Bulawayo with two other boys from CBC. He did very well and made CBC proud. There was a big CBC turnout cheering him on at the games and it was amazing to watch the relay team in which he swam coming in in second place.

At a farewell braai organised by his family and attended by representatives of the swimming fraternity, CBC teachers and friends, Andresious was described as a man of few words and much action.

Success is usually a result of either hard work or natural talent but rarely both qualities. Andresious is the exception to the rule.

From CBC and the rest of Zimbabwe we say goodbye and good luck, Andy!

By Zibusiso Ncube


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