Intervew: Bakani Ncube


Good Morning Mr. Bakani Ncube, I am Ben Evans of the CBC Media Club and these are my camera men Zibusiso Ncube and Keletso Moyo.

Bakani: Good Morning.
Ben: What made you come to CBC and how did you feel when you got a place?
Bakani: I came to CBC because it has a holy education and I’m a Catholic. I learnt at St Thomas so it made sense to come to C.B.C. as it was the only Catholic High School.
Ben: What Class were you placed in when you first arrived?
Bakani: I started in 1.3 then in second term moved to 1.1.
Ben: What was your favorite subject and teacher?

Bakani: Mrs. Bedo – English.
Ben: What is your favorite sport?
Bakani: I wasn’t much of a sportsman but Tennis was one of the sports I played.
Ben: What was your worst time at the College?
Bakani: Form 1.
Ben: What was your best time at the College?
Bakani: When I achieved academic colours in L6.
Ben: Please tell us of your experience at CBC and your achievements.
Bakani: When I achieved the Zcalca trophy for Biology.
Ben: How long did it take you to complete your ICDL?
Bakani: I started in Form One and finished in Form Two so it took two years.
Ben: Has ICDL made you a better computer user?
Bakani: Yes it has.
Ben: We heard that you recently sponsored the Bakani Ncube ICDL Trophy. What inspired you and what is your vision?
Bakani: I donated the trophy because ICDL is an important part of CBC.
Ben: You have been involved in projects meant to help the needy, including Edmund Rice Society, please tell us about this.
Bakani: Yes, I joined the Edmund Rice society in Form Two because I wanted to give back to the community.
Ben: What changes would you make to CBC?
Bakani: I would change their focus on sport because they focus on it so much that sports take precedence over clubs and most lessons.
Ben: As a senior, what message would you like to leave for the juniors like me who still have 6 years at CBC?
Bakani: A fool is someone who does the same thing over and over again and gets the same result – failure. If you fail several times try something new.
Ben: Thank you Bakani.
Bakani: You’re welcome.

Interviewer: Ben Evans
Cameramen: Zibusiso Ncube and Keletso Moyo


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