Interview: Mr. Dale Van Aarde


This is the first in the CBC Media Club’s series on school leavers, where Upper Sixes will be interviewed in order to capture their experience and which will hopefully inspire the juniors. The Media Club got the idea when Mrs Mathe said she would be asking leavers to speak at assembly. The Media Club will be interviewing more seniors/leavers as time goes on.

CBC Media Club Interview with Mr. Dale Van Aarde

I am Seth van Beek and these are my cameramen, Zibusiso Ncube and Keletso Moyo of the CBC Media Club. Good morning Mr. Van Aarde

Seth: What made you want to come to CBC and how did you feel when you were told that you got a place?
Mr. Van Aarde: I looked at both the academic and sporting side of CBC because of the school’s high standards in both fields. I was elated when I found out that I had gotten in.
Seth: What class were you put into when you first arrived at the College?
Mr. Van Aarde: I was ecstatic when I found out that I had been placed in 1.1…but because of my complacency sadly I moved down to 2.2.
Seth: Mr. Van Aarde, please can you tell us your favourite subject and teacher in Form One?
Mr. Van Aarde: My favourite teacher was Mrs. Chimbima who teaches Geography.
Seth: Please tell us of your experience at CBC and your achievements?
Mr. Van Aarde: I played a First Team cricket game against St George’s in Form Two. I made First Team Hockey in Form Four. I am currently playing Zimbabwe U19 Hockey and I am the captain of the CBC First Team Hockey squad.
Seth: What was your worst time at the College?
Mr. Van Aarde: It was the time in Form Three that I said something at cricket practice and got Common Room for a week from Mr Maugi, the First Team captain at the time.
Seth: If you were to make changes at CBC what would they be?
Mr. Van Aarde: I would make it as it was when I was in Form One. Those were my best experiences, the good old days.
Seth: As you are a prefect, what would your advice be to us CBC boys who still have a long way to go?
Mr. Van Aarde: Do your best, not everyone is meant to be a prefect, act manfully, and remember you are who you are and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Interviewer: Seth van Beek
Cameramen: Keletso Moyo and Zibusiso Ncube




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