Gallery: CBC 2014 Leavers Dance


The Best Dressed U6 Leaver was Tapiwa Magumise who was killing the all-white “new flame” video look with black lining to go with the theme of the dance.


The Best Entrance,  without a doubt was Kameron Tavares and Belinda Thorne in their classic chauffeur driven Ford Model T 1928 edition which created a very classy, sophisticated elegant look for the night.


The Cutest Couple was a stiff competition between Craig Stevenage and Kelsey Mirams, Andresious Cyprianos and Shanna Ndebele, and Tapiwa Magumise and Dominican Convent Head Girl of 2015 Sophia Kuipa.

The Leavers Committee would like to thank the SDC for all their contributions. We would also like to thank Mrs. Mitchell and her team of decorators who did an excellent job of making the décor unique and classy. We would also like to greatly thank Mrs. O-Sullivan for all her donations and help with setting up for the night and cleaning up the morning after.

The Committee worked hard throughout the year holding a total of five major fundraisers. We thank all those who came out to support us throughout the year at our fundraisers.

“Congratulations to the Leavers Committee for a job well done; team work carried the day,”

– Mr N. Sibindi

Report Submitted by: Leaver’s Committee Secretary Tafadzwa Baye

Article Compiled by: Kishan Parekh


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